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Roberto Gonzalez

Gonzalez MotorSport is led by Roberto Gonzalez, a highly skilled mechanic with a passion for the automotive industry. Being a third-generation mechanic, Roberto’s love for cars started at a young age.

He pursued his education and technical expertise in Puerto Rico before moving to Bradenton, where he established his workshop specializing in high-performance engines, transmissions, and suspensions. Roberto’s dedication to his craft and commitment to his clients have made him a sought-after mechanic in the region.

RobertO Gonzalez

Gonzalez Motorsport

Gonzalez MotorSport

is a owned family business founded in 2014. Our goal is simple, provide the best customer experience possible. We specialize in Dodge.

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What is ECU Tuning?

Tuning: is all about making adjustments to your engine via the engine control unit (ECU). ECU tuning involves tweaking things like the air, fuel, and spark settings for optimal performance.

Tuning isn’t necessary for stock cars. It’s really only when you start adding performance mods that tuning becomes beneficial. If done properly, engine tuning can help you recalibrate your engine for peak performance

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Roberto Gonzalez


Victor Gonzalez

Suspension Specialist

Ivy Gonzalez

Office Manager

Jerry Lopez

Brakes Specialist

Luis Andujas

General Maintenance

Mark tucker

Performance Specialist

Victor Gonzalez

Suspension Specialist